Last Updated: 7/21/2021 7:43 PM

There are certain requirements that cannot be skipped while hiring a new employee that are detailed and time consuming; we manage these responsibilities on your behalf. MVRCOG services can assist and promote a great opportunity to observe employee performance and work habits before considering them for district hire.

Pre-employment and onboarding services include:

  • Job postings on Frontline© (formerly Applitrack) to fill non-union vacancies quickly
  • Ability for district to set pay rate and determine any PTO provided
  • Simplified the onboarding process for your scheduled candidate
  • Verification of education and ODE credential per position requirements
  • Payroll process, statutory benefits, and tracking ACA compliance
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance coverage
  • FBI/BCI clearances and pre-employment drug screen
  • Pre-employment assessments